“I read something the other day that reminded me of all the benefits of physical exercise. Those of you who view your workout as “no pain, no gain” and that works for you, Great. For me, my “type” is to take a more moderate approach to support my physical health and wellness. So get off the sofa and walk, dance, ride a bike, etc. Your physical wellness routine is about what works for you and is doable on a regular basis. Consistency is the key. So whatever pace and intensity appeals to you, just do it and reap the many physical, mental and emotional benefits. And BREATHE. That always helps. Enjoy being you.”

Blessings, Katherine
Life Coach…Life Path Advisor,
Yoga Teacher


If we expect respect from others, we must show ourselves respect first.

Let’s talk about respect for your physical body. How are you caring for and maintaining the health and wholeness of the container that holds you together?

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