Katherine Friday“Realizing your full potential and you are more able to access all parts and aspects of yourself for optimal orchestration and navigation of your life path. Bringing stability into your life creates inner strength and clear focus toward your most powerful life purpose. You experience greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony. You become your true authentic self.”–Katherine

FridayWellness-smallSometimes finding the right path takes some guidance. One knows the way, but events, relationships, or even one’s own mind can fog the view. Katherine Friday is a lantern in that fog. Her light helped guide me back to my path and now I walk with a renewed confidence in myself and choices. She approaches her work with love, openness, and respect. Simply stepping foot into the Starlight Ridge Retreat Center is a soothing experience and Katherine’s services are a true blessing. – A.K.

2-hour Session:
*4-session package:

*recommended for maximum results.

Source Dimensional Energy Healing is an experience of holistic healing on all levels of a client’s being. Katherine utilized various cross-cultural methods of cleansing energy and intuitively tuning into the wholeness of your being and is shown by visual images your core issues at this time. She holds the space and utilized her intuition, inner knowing and her Divine presence and insight to bring forth what is limiting your forward movement and growth. She is also the observer witnessing the energy/spirit healing taking place.

Katherine safely, effectively, intuitively taps into the wholeness of the Universe and receives assistance from higher consciousness, the spirit realm, and your spirit guides, teachers and helpers to facilitate energetic presence healing on a soul level. This is done at the level of energy/spirit in the luminous energy field which surrounds the physical body and informs you – your body, mind, and soul to agree to receive and assist in this healing. Clearing, cleansing, healing old wounds and patterns helps you transform and move forward in life.

During the dimensional source or higher consciousness assisted phase of the healing session, Katherine witnesses the process of healing that is happening. The process tracks, identifies and heals imprints that predispose you to physical and emotional dis-ease. These imprints are cleared from your energy field so they don’t keep informing and unconsciously guiding you through your life into repeating emotional and physical disharmony.

The wholeness and power retrieval process phase of this healing session cleanses the client of other peoples “stuff” that has become attached. Heavy energies (like envy, jealousy, or rage) that we are exposed to, can settle in and become toxic to our energy field and often makes us feel weighted down and fatigued. These energies are removed to clear the energy body. Energetic ties to others that bind and drain our energy are also cut and disposed of. Deep healing also occurs in relationships during this process by simply working at the soul level instead of trying to force outcomes in the physical world.

Fragmented pieces of ourselves can become separated during physical, mental and emotional traumas during this life and past lives. These pieces or aspects of you are retrieved, infused with your Divine essence, incorporated and integrated back into your being, providing wholeness and full access to your complete self. Bringing wholeness and stability back creates inner strength and clear focus toward your most powerful life purpose. It is vital that is done to allow you access to all parts and aspects of yourself for optimal orchestration and navigation of your life path. You become your true authentic self.