Katherine Friday“Transpersonal hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis for therapy and induces a relaxed, receptive state in the client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns thus supports you in leading a healthier, happier, more successful life – physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.”–Katherine

FridayWellness-smallKatherine Friday is absolutely amazing. I decided that is was time for me to get healthy, but I knew I needed help. So, I signed for hypnotherapy with Katherine. Her kindness and caring nature shines through in every word she speaks. My decision was life-changing and I am returning to my natural healthy state thanks to Katherine.–K.O.

Suggestive Therapy-One Session: $190
Four Session Package (recommended):
(includes recording of each session)
Regression Therapy-One Session: $190

What can it do for you?

  • Supports you in leading a healthier life – physical, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Control and manage weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Eliminate fears, phobias, etc.
  • Eliminate or minimize pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Relief from insomnia
  • Speed recovery from surgery
  • Understand and manage any strong emotions such as anger, sadness, guilt, etc.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem, confidence, motivation and self-awareness.
  • Penetrate the psyche to change your habit structure at the core level.
  • Allows you to understand and clear limiting beliefs from past emotional, mental physical traumas from this lifetime or past lives.
  • Effect change and accomplish your goals
  • Grief recovery

Who can benefit from hypnotherapy:

Hypnotherapy is beneficial for Individuals who are functional and want to change behaviors and improve the quality of their li It can be effective for normal, healthy adults who have simply found a challenge that is difficult to handle.

The Session:

The session will last about two hours. To begin we will have about thirty minutes to determine the nature of the problem and discuss more deeply what specific results you are wanting and the current underlying blocks (old habits and outdated beliefs) that have been limiting you in attaining them.

During the relaxation process, and positive, supportive suggestive verbal imagery, you are in a very peaceful, quiet, soothing environment laying in a comfortable recliner. Your experience is your own and typically the client is aware at all times of what is being said and is able to come back fully awake at any time.

The session ends with a discussion of how the client feels and a supportive plan of action to fully integrate and incorporate the new patterns and changes that are taking place.

I also ask that you make the commitment to follow the suggestions that you are given. One requirement that is very important for optimum success with this therapy is that you listen to each week’s recording every day, preferably at night as you are going to sleep. I am here to help, support, advise and encourage you as you make whatever level of improvement in your life that you are ready to make. It is all up to you.

What is hypnosis and transpersonal hypnotherapy – suggestive therapy?

  • Is a natural state of consciousness in which you are open to suggestions.
  • Gives a fast, direct and effective way of tapping into the unused reserves of our subconscious mind which represents 90% of our brain power.
  • It is a naturally occurring state of concentration.
  • Enhances your control over both your mind and your body.
  • It de-programs the subconscious mind to allow better access to your higher mind and your own wisdom of intuition.
  • Re-programming the subconscious mind with the clients’ own more supportive, positive suggestions to allow better access to the higher mind and the wisdom of intuition.

Your body is relaxed, your conscious “mind clutter” is quieted and your attention is free to examine and reprogram thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviors that no longer serve or support you in a positive way.

The goal is to increase awareness around personal and societal programming. With increased awareness comes the personal choice to keep or reject these programs. Once the choice is made to reject old programs (old beliefs, habits, thoughts, behaviors, etc.) the undesirable patterns are then cleared and replaced with more supportive, positive, desirable thoughts, habits, beliefs and behaviors. This leads to the clients utilizing their full potential and fully accessing their gifts, talents, abilities to create the life they choose.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy is an orientation that can best be described by defining the word, transpersonal is the crossing of mind, body and spirit or soul.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis for therapy and induces a relaxed, receptive state in the client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns. The objective is to utilize a client’s “trance state” to facilitate the activation of their personal resources. Also to modify a client’s behavior, emotional content and attitude, as well as a wide range of conditions. Transpersonal hypnotherapy also utilizes the technique of re-programming the subconscious mind with the clients’ own more supportive, positive suggestions to allow better access to the higher mind and the wisdom of intuition.

In transpersonal hypnotherapy, there is an emphasis on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the assumption that the guidance of a higher power will prevail within the therapeutic relationship, synchronistically bringing those insights and experiences that lead to the client’s highest good.

This orientation leads the hypnotherapists into considering a broad scope of interventions that lead to mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual changes and increased awareness. The transpersonal hypnotherapist allows for client and therapist to address any aspect of the relationship between the mind, body and spirit and the effects on one another, yet there is no religious orientation suggested, but instead an unfoldment that makes it possible for clients to explore their relationship to a universal creator and their own unique spiritual walk through human life.

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