• Lift Your Spirits
    • Think More Clearly
    • Attain More Physical, Mental and Emotional Balance
    • Get Rid of “Stuck” Energy

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Sage_and_Crystal_1This age-old tradition of using smoke from herbs to purify the air has been and is still practiced cross-culturally all over the world. Many herbs can be used for smudging. The smudge kits and smudging sticks contain organic sage grown in a high energetic crystalline environment in the heart of Arkansas. It is said that burning sage specifically not only clears the air, it also then holds a protective barrier around you and your environment to prevent stuck, negative energies from returning.

A good smudging can leave you and your home/office, etc. feeling clean and protected. Remember while fanning the smoke say a prayer/blessing and/or hold positive thoughts and intentions to energize the effectiveness.

Smudge as often as you feel it is necessary. Once a week is a good beginning.

Support yourself by getting rid of lower “stuck” energy within you and around you.

Lighten Up Smudge Kits With Small Abalone Shell-$18
With Large Abalone Shell-$25

Kit includes instructions, organic loose sage and abalone shell

Organically Grown Arkansas Sage Try It Packet-$1
.25 oz. Packet-$5
1 oz. Packet-$15
2 oz. Packet-$25

**Shipping cost is additional

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