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Katherine, Even though we have moved from Arkansas, and now reside in Virginia Beach, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy receiving your newsletter by email each month. You always have precious pearls of wisdom on it, and I love reading it. So, thank you, you are reaching people and sending out a positive message.–Nancy B.

Friday Wellness Newsletter


Access and Utilize YOUR Full Potential…


If we expect respect from others, we must show ourselves respect first.

Let’s talk about respect for your physical body. How are you caring for and maintaining the health and wholeness of the container that holds you together?

Today is a new day and a perfect time to evaluate, assess and begin a diet and fitness plan that supports your health and wellbeing. I am listing below a simple agenda to help you be the best you possible.

  • Get a natural good night’s sleep.
  • Eat for nutrition and natural health. Evaluate the food you put in your body. Is it fueling and nourishing? There is a lot of food out there that is good for your body.
  • No need to feel deprived. Leave the processed and chemical based “food” alone.
  • Breathe and Move! Engage in long deep breathing, also known as yogic breathing and belly breathing. Our life force comes in on our breath so breath deep and reap the benefits. Bring in new energy and move out the old when putting your body in motion. Walk, bike, dance, etc. There are numerous fun and enjoyable ways to get moving and keep moving.

Yes, you have heard this before. It is something you know, so get with it.

Be yourself – everyone else is taken.

Hold Yourself in High Esteem in 2017!
Here is How:

Special Offers and Upcoming Events

Personal Holistic Wellness Retreats
Successful Weight and Health Management

Only $250 for 4 hour program

  • Nutrition Counseling Session
  • Personal Healthy Eating Plan
  • Nutritious Vegetarian Lunch
  • Emotional Clearing Hypnotherapy Session
    (Reset your thoughts to support a healthy weight.)
  • Ionic Foot Bath (Clear those toxins.)
  • Meditation/Relaxation Session (Allow space for calm/making better choices.)

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health and Wellness through Stress, Relaxation and Sleep Management

Only $375 for 6 hour program

Life Path Coaching Telephone Sessions

$60 for 60 minutes
(Life Report and Current Year Report)
Are YOU ready to take charge of your life?

Katherine assists you in getting a “road map” for your life utilizing her innate intuition and interpretation of information derived from your date of birth through a system of astrology and numerology.

Heart Connections Body, Mind, Soul Expo

Saturday, October 14 and Sunday, October 15.

Supporting natural health, personal growth and spiritual awakening.
LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 617 South Broadway, Little Rock, AR 72201.

For more information, contact Sharlette Pumphrey.

To Thine Own Self Be True Spiritual Awakening Two Day Retreat

Saturday and Sunday, November 11 and 12, 10 am – 5 pm
with delicious vegetarian lunch both days.

Cost is $275.

Register by November 4.

Know who you are to live the most fulfilling life possible. Connect to that inner spark and align with your soul. You will experience techniques, modalities, practices to go deep within to meet, greet, embrace your higher self that resides in and around your physical body. Philosophy discussions, meditation, yoga, guided visualization, personal road for your life and much, much more.

Please get directions to Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat at fridaywellness.com. Make your reservation for the events listed above by contacting Katherine at (501) 470-9801 and Katherine@fridaywellness.com.

For more information about the above events. Click Here

Experience Material and Spiritual Health and Wealth

Katherine FridayContact Katherine now to take charge of your life – schedule an appointment, register for a workshop, sign-up for classes – whatever it takes to get you going in a more positive direction. The time to take action is now. You will be so glad you did!

Relax and enjoy the view.

Relax and enjoy the view.

Come to the peace and quiet of the country and experience the warm, friendly Southern ambiance of Starlight Ridge.

Come to the peace and quiet of the country and experience the warm, friendly Southern ambiance of Starlight Ridge for meetings, luncheons, baby and bridal showers, small intimate weddings, ladies day out events, children’s birthday parties, children’s “dress up” tea parties, nature and garden tours, cooking classes, health and wellness workshops and more.