Katherine Friday

Katherine, Even though we have moved from Arkansas, and now reside in Virginia Beach, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy receiving your newsletter by email each month. You always have precious pearls of wisdom on it, and I love reading it. So, thank you, you are reaching people and sending out a positive message.–Nancy B.

Friday Wellness Newsletter


The Joyful You!

New Year – Time to Take Charge of Your Life!

It does take some spring cleaning and a bit of chaos to get to that cleaner, clearer life experience.

I am inviting you to make the commitment to yourself. Know, realize and accept up front the amount of time, energy and financial commitment that is required to get the results you want. Think about what is a priority for you right now. Is this it? Are ready to take charge of your life and experience a healthier, happier physical, mental, emotional and spiritual day-to-day existence?

Now is the time for new beginnings as mother earth through her flora and fauna show us the cycle of rebirth and renewal is upon us. Take advantage of this support. Decide on practices, modalities, philosophies that support the vision for your life and take action now.

A commitment to yourself to be healthier and happier is not only a gift to yourself, but to everyone around you. Consider a wellness program designed especially for you to support the positive vision you have for your life. Contact Katherine today to schedule your 3 month program package and get results. Special New Year’s price of $2,299 through March 31, 2018.

Be Part of the Solution…

Create a life that you feel good about and show others how it is done. Be the example.

Yes, you have heard this before. It is something you know, so get with it.

Be yourself – everyone else is taken.

I have spoken to many people who struggle to get a truly restful night’s sleep. Keeping up and balancing all the aspects of our lives can be challenging. Maintaining the strength physically, mentally and emotionally to juggle all the activities we are involved in takes our commitment to rest and rejuvenate. I strongly suggest an evaluation of how well you set yourself up to get a good, effective night’s sleep and have the courage and determination to make it so. You will be much more effective in all aspects of your life.

Katherine FridayContact Katherine now to take charge of your life – schedule an appointment, register for a workshop, sign-up for classes – whatever it takes to get you going in a more positive direction. The time to take action is now. You will be so glad you did!

Contact Katherine to develop a holistic wellness program that works for you.

Katherine Friday, (501) 470-9801 and Katherine@fridaywellness.com.