Katherine Friday“Let me guide you through breathing techniques, mind re-training, dietary and exercise suggestions, emotional clearing and spiritual alignment that helps you maintain your inner calm and harmony. When that aspect of you gets out of whack, everything is your life is adversely affected. Learn to say an appropriate NO, set your boundaries, command respect from yourself and others, take time and take responsibility for your own well-being, health and happiness. You owe it to yourself and the people in your life – your family, your friends, your co-workers to just zen-out. Let me show you tools that work.”–Katherine

FridayWellness-smallMy experience with Katherine was life changing. I was SO READY to leave my life-long struggle with excess weight behind, and open the door to new possibilities in life. Katherine was instrumental in helping me define my goals, and making me accountable for the steps I needed to take to reach them. She counseled me in good nutrition and exercise practices, and always encouraged me to stay on target. I will always be grateful that she introduced me to kundalini yoga. I never imagined that a yoga practice could be so transformative! The overall physical, mental, and emotional effects of kundalini are truly amazing. Above all, Katherine helped me tap into my own source of inner wisdom and power, giving me the impetus to keep moving towards my goals in every way. One of the many results from working with her was the release of 30 pounds of excess weight and I feel incredible. Thank you Katherine! M.G.

2 hour sessions: $190
4-Session Package: $575

Achieving and Maintaining Your Healthy Weight:

walking-legs-628x363In my work, a person’s appearance, particularly the physical body, I see more in a clinical way as an indication of states of health rather than unrealistic societal projections. Each of us has a “healthy” weight and size that is optimum of us. One size for all is very unrealistic. Our eating habits can indicate some balancing needed in our emotional and mental beliefs – our thinking. The process is to re-train the mind so our thoughts and words are positively supporting our desires for optimum health and wellness.

I am here to support you and guide you to clear away those insecurities, feelings of being less than – to fully accept that you are beautiful, magnificent, capable, intelligent, wise and more. Being self-conscious about our weight can push emotional buttons and really is a catalyst – a necessary part of the process so healing can happen resulting in a healthier, happier, more alive you.

Excess weight can also be an indication of some type of emotional protection that probably worked for you and supported you at one time. So I am offering valid reasons you may have had and, I trust, that are being replaced by much more supportive ways of protection, self-containment and self-reliance.

Nutrition and good health are not just consuming healthy foods and drinks. It is when we eat, our moods, our thoughts, our environment, our attitudes about ourselves, the stress in our lives, how much exercise we get, how well we eliminate wastes and toxins and breathing consciously. To create health and wellbeing, we must make conscious choices to achieve that goal in our daily lives.

Get off the Stress Express:

stressexpressStress is a four + letter word. Which means it is a four letter word and more. It is overused and can be used as a crutch to avoid taking responsibility for the life we have created. I personally have experienced people saying the ‘I’m stressed” and leaving it at that as if enough said and there is nothing they can do to get relief.

Being a four+ letter word…avoid using it. Acknowledging that at certain times in your sometimes hectic life, you may have or are currently experiencing tension, disharmony and imbalance. You are the one who got you where you are and you are the one who can get your life back on track. Having that experience allows us the opportunity to choose to bring areas of our life back into a more balanced and harmonious state.

The use of chemicals (i.e. tobacco, alcohol, prescription and non-prescription drugs, caffeine, sugar, overeating, etc.) offer a very temporary respite. Yes, these “soothers” can be used short term. Begin today getting your life back on tract by using more permanent, natural methods of returning yourself to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness.

Sleep Management to Keep Your Health and Sanity:

worksleepGetting a natural night’s sleep is paramount in experiencing physical health and wellness, mental focus and acuity, emotional balance and spiritual alignment. Katherine teaches you how to set yourself up for a wonderful, fully conscious, alert and high energy day by creating a routine of getting a good night’s sleep the night before. Taking drugs to induce an unnatural sleep state is a “band aid effort” and ineffective for long term use. If you seem to be living your life in a mire of poor physical health, low energy, brain fog, emotional roller coasterishness ( my word creation) and depression, it is time to make some changes in your lifestyle.

I advise people to become good, honest observers of their bodies and minds and how they are functioning, and then to take action.

Heeding our body’s signals is very important. Research indicates that we are programmed to start a sleep cycle between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m. However, many people ignore their body’s initial signals of sleepiness and push themselves to stay up, which causes the body to create extra adrenaline. This adrenaline makes it harder to get to sleep later.

Some symptoms that indicate you may need to get a better night’s sleep are:

  • drowsiness during the day
  • decreased concentration
  • impaired short- and/or long-term memory
  • decreased ability to multitask
  • reduced stress tolerance
  • susceptibility to infections
  • mood changes
  • diminished cognitive functioning
  • feeling disconnected spiritually

Studies also show that restoring the ability to sleep positively affects health. and that people with a variety of medical disorders experienced improved overall health and quality of life when their sleep problems were resolved.

For more information and to register contact Katherine either in person at Starlight Ridge, by telephone at (501) 470-9801, or by email katherine@fridaywellness.com.