Katherine Friday“Start today with healthier, happier, chapter in your life. Correct unhealthy attitudes, beliefs, thoughts that limit your growth potential.”–Katherine

Check out the current list of public classes, workshops, retreats and intensives supporting health, wellness and life balance offered here at Starlight Ridge Woodland Retreat and other locations for the coming year. Stay tuned for a complete list or events for 2017.

FridayWellness-smallWe really enjoyed today’s natural beauty workshop. I have learned so many beauty tips from the workshop. I can share these tips with my friends. Thank you, Ms. Friday!–E.C.

Private Groups

1-hour lecture or presentation: $175
2-hour workshop or seminar: $300 with handouts
4-hour workshop or seminar: $500 with handouts

*Groups of up to 30 people.

FridayWellness-smallYou have an easy and direct way of presenting what you’re doing that I seldom see with other folks…. there are only a small percentage of people who offer classes/workshops that do it with confidence and professionalism.–R.J.